Masculine, Singular

Boi, Interrupted
Drag King.

Ex ROTC cadet.
Ex Division I varsity fencer.

27 year old trannyfag with a BA in theatre and film.
In my most recent news, I'm attempting to move from a fairly classical training in theatre into more abstract performance art while working in retail so that I can scrape by an existance.

I'm a single femme ftm transsexual and I like bois.
a clockwork orange, absolut, agnostic atheism, alfonso cuarón, alternative rock, anthony burgess, antonioni, avril lavigne, backstreet boys, bbmak, billy elliot, blue, boi, bois, boy, boybands, boys choir, cargo pants, cats, chai tea, cirque du soleil, city of angels, clubbing, color guard, dance, dar williams, dead poets society, design, dialect, donnie darko, drum corps, empire of the sun, equus, ethan hawke, existentialism, expressionism, f2m, femme, fencing, film, fluidity, frida kahlo, ftm, gender queer, genderqueer, grrl music, hitchcock, indie film, ionesco, jake gyllenhaal, janeane garofalo, jc chasez, jeffrey eugenides, jello, jim henson, john waters, john william waterhouse, julie taymor, justin timberlake, labyrinth, lance bass, laughing, liberal democrats, light, m. night shamaylan, magic, manchester united, megan follows, mel c, men, michelle branch, military uniforms, mirrors, muppets, musical theatre, narnia, neverending story, nsync, old navy, pepsi one, percussion, performance art, pizza, poptarts, powerpuff girls, presenting the colors, punky brewster, queer, queer theory, quiksilver, rainbow brite, reality bites, rent, robert wilson, rock opera, rocko's modern life, rocky horror picture show, rugby, rugby dykes, run lola run, sabre, samuel beckett, skater, slytherin, smirnoff ice, soccer, spike lee, stomp, sweater vests, sylvia plath, the bell jar, the neverending story, the nightmare before christmas, the snowman, the virgin suicides, the worst witch, theatre, theatre of the absurd, tim burton, tommy, tracy ullman, trance, trannyfag, trannyfags, trans, transboi, transboy, transboys, transfags, transgendered, tuxedos, twelfth night, wes bentley, wim wenders, winona ryder, woody allen